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Starbucks’ New Logo Creates Mixed Reactions

Starbucks new logo

Starbucks rolled out the new logo in honor of their 40th year.

A new Starbucks logo was introduced on Wednesday that will begin rolling out in March. The familiar green Siren is bigger and this time sans the words “Starbucks Coffee.”

Several reactions are already seen on Starbucks’ website and on Facebook too, a few hours after the announcement. One Starbucks fan reacted sourly and asked if the Starbucks’ corporate office was asleep during the entire Gap controversy over the logo change Gap did. There is nothing wrong with the current logo, the fan added.

The coffee chain from Seattle said they are honoring the company’s 40th year and Starbucks’ next history chapter. CEO Howard Shultz said that in the last four decades, the Siren has been there. They are now giving the Siren a small but meaningful update while continuing the heritage embrace on the brand while remaining relevant and poised for future growth. He implied about more evolutions beginning spring.

Reactions of fans were somewhat mixed but most were not pleased. Like for instance the negative reaction of gold card user Mimi Katz who wrote and asked who the marketing department bonehead might be that dropped the world-famous name from the new logo.

Another stated to like the old logo better who has been in Mississippi for 11 years and has enjoyed Starbucks since then. He mentioned he is all for change but not for the new logo.

According to gerberfranz, the ‘Starbucks Coffee’ removal from the logo makes no sense. The support for the coffee chain has been there from way back, even took costly taxi rides and waded through snow for morning coffee. The removal of free advertisement on every cup is something to think about.

However, some like and support the idea such as cjsvendsen who wrote that it was a beautiful and compelling way to move the company towards the new millennium adding that the black siren represented the shackles of history past.

Another Facebook user wrote that the new logo is streamlined, modern, simple, and elegant.
Starbucks’ spokesperson Deb Trevino said that logo changes get many attention and that this is expected but sees the customers’ comments to even out in due time.

Gap Inc. also changed its iconic logo from the blue box that encases the word ‘GAP’ to the box becoming smaller atop the name Gap. The giant clothing company gained too many violent reactions that caused the company to switch back to the old logo a week later.

Trevino said they are committed to the new logo and that the change is a strategic support and a business decision. The new logo waits to see if it will cause hullabaloo and how Starbucks will cope with it.

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